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      COPYING: Update boilerplate from MIT X11 to MIT Expat license · bc9f16b4
      Peter Hutterer authored
      To quote Bryce Harrington from [1]:
      "MIT has released software under several slightly different licenses,
      including the old 'X11 License' or 'MIT License'.  Some code under this
      license was in fact included in X.org's Xserver in the past.  However,
      X.org now prefers the MIT Expat License as the standard (which,
      confusingly, is also referred to as the 'MIT License').  See
      When Wayland started, it was Kristian Høgsberg's intent to license it
      compatibly with X.org.  "I wanted Wayland to be usable (license-wise)
      whereever X was usable."  But, the text of the older X11 License was
      taken for Wayland, rather than X11's current standard.  This patch
      corrects this by swapping in the intended text."
      libinput is a fork of weston and thus inherited the original license intent
      and the license boilerplate itself.
      See this thread on wayland-devel here for a discussion:
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