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doc/user: mesonconf is meson configure

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......@@ -55,16 +55,16 @@ We recommend that users disable the documentation, it's not usually required
for testing and reduces the number of dependencies needed.
The ``prefix`` or other options can be changed later with the
``mesonconf`` command. For example:
``meson configure`` command. For example:
$> mesonconf builddir/ -Dprefix=/some/other/prefix -Ddocumentation=true
$> meson configure builddir/ -Dprefix=/some/other/prefix -Ddocumentation=true
$> ninja -C builddir
$> sudo ninja -C builddir/ install
Running ``mesonconf builddir/`` with no other arguments lists all
Running ``meson configure builddir/`` with no other arguments lists all
configurable options meson provides.
To rebuild from scratch, simply remove the build directory and run meson
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