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doc/user: add the quirks tool to the tool list

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......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ The most common tools used are:
see :ref:`here <libinput-record>`
- ``libinput measure``: measure properties on a kernel device,
see :ref:`here <libinput-measure>`
- ``libinput quirks``: show quirks assigned to a device, see
:ref:`here <libinput-quirks>`
Most the tools must be run as root to have access to the kernel's
``/dev/input/event*`` device files.
......@@ -299,3 +301,17 @@ measure specific properties on the device. These tools generally measure one
thing and one thing only and their usage is highly specific to the tool.
Please see the **libinput-measure(1)** man page for information about what
tools are available and the man page for each respective tool.
.. _libinput-quirks:
Listing quirks assigned to a device
The ``libinput quirks`` tool can show quirks applied for any given device. ::
$ libinput quirks list /dev/input/event0
If the tool's output is empty, no quirk is applied. See :ref:`device-quirks`
for more information.
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