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X230 trackpoint quirk

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[Lenovo X230 Trackpoint]
MatchName=*TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint
[Lenovo P50 Touchpad]
MatchName=SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
  • @timrichardson

    Hello, I am using a Thinkpad x230. After upgrading libinput past v1.13.2 my trackpoint has become painfully slow. I experience this with both versions 1.13.3 and 1.13.4. This is with no custom xorg config.

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  • Hi Daniel, I am the author of the current quirk setting.


    1. find your device id for the trackpoint


    1. if the device id is 19, then

    xinput list-props 19

    1. what is your libinput Accel Speed?

    2. assuming your device is is 19 (you found it from step 1)

    xinput --set-prop 19 "libinput Accel Speed" 1

    How do you find that setting?

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  • fwiw, you (almost) never need the device id, xinput resolves device names

    xinput --set-prop 19 "libinput Accel Speed" 1

    this is the maximum acceleration setting and should be unusable on virtually all devices. As a rule of thumb, anything higher than abs(0.5) is suspicious.

    What's the sensitivity set to for both of you? udevadm info /sys/class/input/eventXXX for the right event node and check POINTINGSTICK_SENSITIVITY. Then use the DEVPATH that udevadm spits out to do

    cat /sys/$DEVPATH/device/device/sensitivity

    This should give you two numbers, both of which must be the same. And if you have different values, then you'll have vastly different baseline configurations.

  • libinput list-devices

    shows me that the event id is event5

    Kernel: /dev/input/event5


    then with the long DEVPATH value: cat /sys/$DEVPATH/device/device/sensitivity is also 200

  • PS I use speed of 0 now, my daughter when she uses the X320 has -0.1

    I suggested 1 to make sure it was crazy fast.

  • @timrichardson My Trackpoint's device id 12 and below is my accel speed

    dan@thinkpad ~> xinput list-props 12 | grep -i accel libinput Accel Speed (302): 0.000000 libinput Accel Speed Default (303): 0.000000 libinput Accel Profiles Available (310): 1, 1 libinput Accel Profile Enabled (311): 1, 0 libinput Accel Profile Enabled Default (312): 1, 0

    @whot My event id is 16

    Both sensitivity values are set to 200

    dan@thinkpad ~> cat /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/input/input17/event16/device/device/sensitivity 200 dan@thinkpad ~> udevadm info /sys/class/input/event16 | grep -i sensitivity E: POINTINGSTICK_SENSITIVITY=200

  • Just tried xinput --set-prop 12 "libinput Accel Speed" 1 and the speed is back to how it was prior to the update.

  • I choose 0.25 to get an experience with default settings as close as possible to Windows default settings; I find the setting you have just gone to (1) as insanely fast, but perhaps you got used to the very fast behaviour of the X230 prior to the quirk. I could not make it slow enough for me or my daughter even with Accel Speed -1

    But I don't want to impose my preference on everyone else, so Windows seemed like a good benchmark (to me).

    "as close as possible to Windows" is subjective. My X230 has Windows 7 with up to date Lenovo drivers. Driver version In the Windows mouse control panel, the tab is called "UltraNav". I have the sensitivity slider half way.

  • I have the sensitivity slider half way.

    the default sensitivity is 128 but for historical reasons we set this to 200. if you write "128" into that sensitivity file, you should get the same base speed as Windows, how's that for comparison?

  • Interesting. With that adjustment, I think my quirk makes it is a little slower than Windows, but not much. I find the performance very sensitive to small changes in the multiplier. Plus, a very fast response is within the [-1..1] range of Accel Speed. ThinkPads can have different keyboard SKUs, different suppliers. Do you think there is much difference betweeen manufacturers? I assume Lenovo is able to specify pretty consistent behaviour.

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  • @timrichardson

    perhaps you got used to the very fast behavior of the X230 prior to the quirk

    This is totally possible. After your quirk addition it was slower, but not unbearable. Definitely different from what I was used to. Unfortunately, I do not have a Winodws installation to test on.

  • ThinkPads can have different keyboard SKUs, different suppliers. Do you think there is much difference betweeen manufacturers? I assume Lenovo is able to specify pretty consistent behaviour.

    Good point, it just hit me I do have one of those aftermarket backlit keyboards installed. I think SUNMALL is the brand... I think I still have the original laying around, I'll try to find it over the weekend and let you know if I notice a difference.

    Link to my aftermarket keyboard

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