Lenovo X201 Tablet: Added bezel buttons support in tablet mode

This patch allows the bezel buttons,
to work when entering SW_TABLET_MODE
similar to how other x2xx tablets are
Signed-off-by: Troels Blicher Petersen's avatarTroels Blicher Petersen <troels@newtec.dk>
parent 975d0367
Pipeline #144306 passed with stages
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......@@ -169,6 +169,11 @@ MatchName=AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
[Lenovo X201 Tablet]
MatchName=At Translated Set 2 keyboard
# Lenovo MIIX 720 comes with a detachable keyboard. We must not disable
# the keyboard because some keys are still accessible on the screen and
# volume rocker. See
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