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libfprint and fprintd

Device information

This space can be used to document the support situation for devices. Please note that it may not be up to date!

If you see a device that is not on the list yet, then feel free to add it as unsupported. You can also create a device specific page in order to collaborate e.g. on reverse engineering efforts or link to external resources about it.

Device specific pages should always be named Devices/VENDOR_ID:PRODUCT_ID with lowercase hexadecimal values. e.g. Devices/04f3:0c03

There is a list of supported devices on the website which is always up-to-date. More information about the devices may be available in this wiki. Devices extended info

Unsupported devices

If you are missing support for a device, then please check the Unsupported Devices page. Feel free to add your device.

Statistics for fingerprint readers on Linux in the wild



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