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  • V_0_2_0   0.2.0
    daee067c · Release 0.2.0 ·
    • Add gdk-pixbuf support for image manipulation
    • Add udev rules to allow devices to autosuspend
    • Finish port of AES1610 driver
    • Add UPEK EikonII (TCRD4C) driver


  • V_0_6_0   0.6.0
    ee321662 · 0.6.0 ·
    • Drivers:

      • Reduce duplication between AES3500 and AES4000 drivers and add support for AES3500 device
      • Add support for UPEK 147e:2020 and Upek Eikon 2 devices
      • Add EgisTec ES603 driver
      • Add VFS5011 driver
      • Always perform 5 scans for image enrollment
      • Better verification with AES1660 driver
      • Better verification for a number of AES drivers
    • Library:

      • Always use Pixman for image manipulation, gdk-pixbuf and ImageMagick are not supported any more.
    • Udev rules:

      • Fix warning when USB hub or system does not support power management


  • V_0_7_0   libfprint 0.7.0
    d82847a6 · 0.7.0 ·
    • Drivers:

      • Add VFS0050 driver
      • Fix possible crash in AES3500 and AES4000
      • Fix broken enrollment in VFS101
      • Better verification with small sensor scanners
      • Plenty of fixes in VFS5011
      • Fix memory corruption in AES1610
      • Improve calibration settings for AES1610
      • Improve image assembling in upeksonly driver
      • Autodetect whether image is encrypted in uru4k
    • Library:

      • NBIS: Remove false minutia at the edge of partial image
      • Introduce routines to assemble image from lines (used in VFS5011 and upeksonly)
      • Fix a bug that can cause driver state machine to enter into endless loop.
    • Udev rules:

      • Add driver name to the USB properties
    • Plenty of build fixes


  • V_0_8_0   0.8.0
    74b5c927 · 0.8.0 ·
    • Port to meson as the build system
    • Port documentation to gtk-doc

    • Drivers:

      • Add Elan driver
      • Increase threshold to detect encryption on URU4000 devices
      • Remove already replaced UPEKE2 driver
      • Fix possible crash caused by vfs5011 when no lines were captured
    • Library:

      • Fix a number of memory and file descriptor leaks and warnings
      • Make NSS (and URU4000) driver optional
      • Fix assembling of frames for non-reverse and non reverse stripes
      • Split internal private header to clarify drivers API
      • Simplify logging system, now all the builds can be used to output debug information
      • Mark fp_dscv_print functions as deprecated
    • Udev rules:

      • Add some unsupported devices to the whitelist


  • V_0_8_1   0.8.1
    6f6127cb · 0.8.1 ·
    • Brown paperbag release to install the udev rules file in the correct directory if the udev pkg-config file doesn't have a trailing slash


  • V_0_8_2   0.8.2
    da95af0f · 0.8.2 ·
    • Drivers:

      • Add USB ID for TNP Nano USB Fingerprint Reader
      • Fix UPEKTS enrollment never finishing on some devices
    • Library:

      • Fix fp_get_pollfds() retval type, a small ABI change
      • Downgrade fatal errors to run-time warnings, as a number of drivers used to throw silent errors and we made them fatal. Those will now be visible warnings, hopefully helping with fixing them.


  • v_0_3_0   0.3.0
    aab031ce · 0.3.0 ·
    • Add support for UPEK TCS4C (USB ID 147e:1000)
    • Use NSS instead of OpenSSL for GPL compliance
    • upeksonly driver bug fixes
    • Fix a crash if a scan was shorter than 8 lines
    • Fix compilation with C++ compiler


  • v_0_4_0   0.4.0
    f8aa82a5 · 0.4.0 ·
    • Add support for Validity VFS101 (USB ID 138a:0001)
    • Fix crasher when resizing a fingerprint image
    • Fix wrong timeout being returned when either of libusb or libfprint doesn't have a timeout


  • v_0_5_0   0.5.0
    a5ec0b30 · 0.5.0 ·
    • Drivers:

      • New VFS300/VFS301 driver
      • New AES2550/AES2810 drivers
      • New AES1660 driver
      • New AES2660 driver
      • New DigitalPersona URU4500 driver
      • Avoid empty capture and improve image contrast in the AES2501 and AES2550 drivers
      • Update upektc driver, add support for Eikon Touch 300
      • Fix UrU4000 image capture on ARM
    • Library:

      • Fix global variable collisions with libusb and other system headers
      • Fix possible crash in NBIS image processing with some fingerprints
    • Udev rules:

      • Fix power control path for newer kernels
      • Move udev rules to the correct directory
      • Don't print duplicated udev rules
      • Include udev rules in the tarball
      • Allow disabling of udev rules for cross-compiling
      • Add driver names in the generated rules


  • v_0_5_1   0.5.1
    9e2f8b5e · 0.5.1 ·
    • Drivers

      • Add support for 147e:2020 to upeke2 driver
      • Fix possible race condition, and cancellation in uru4000 driver
    • Udev rules:

      • Add Microsoft keyboard to the suspend blacklist
    • Plenty of build fixes