Commit f52276bd authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg

build: Remove header files from libfprint_sources

There is no need to list them in the sources.
parent 7dce8dbf
libfprint_sources = [ libfprint_sources = [
'fpi-async.c', 'fpi-async.c',
'fpi-assembling.c', 'fpi-assembling.c',
'fpi-core.c', 'fpi-core.c',
'fpi-data.c', 'fpi-data.c',
'fpi-dev.c', 'fpi-dev.c',
'fpi-dev-img.c', 'fpi-dev-img.c',
'fpi-img.c', 'fpi-img.c',
'fpi-ssm.c', 'fpi-ssm.c',
'fpi-sync.c', 'fpi-sync.c',
'fpi-poll.c', 'fpi-poll.c',
'fpi-usb.c', 'fpi-usb.c',
] ]
nbis_sources = [ nbis_sources = [
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