Commit e1728e7c authored by Vasily Khoruzhick's avatar Vasily Khoruzhick

aes1660: remove unneeded lowering of bz3_threshold

Since 5 scans for enroll was introduced it's not necessary to lower
bz3_threshold anymore, there's a good probability that scan to verify matches
with at least one enrolled sample.
parent e215b050
......@@ -104,12 +104,6 @@ struct fp_img_driver aes1660_driver = {
.img_height = -1,
/* temporarily lowered until we sort out image processing code
* binarized scan quality is good, minutiae detection is accurate,
* it's just that we get fewer minutiae than other scanners (less scanning
* area) */
.bz3_threshold = 25,
.open = dev_init,
.close = dev_deinit,
.activate = aesX660_dev_activate,
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