Commit 2a4893d9 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

lib: fp_imgdev_*() functions are only used in drivers

parent cee061b3
......@@ -399,16 +399,5 @@ void fpi_drvcb_report_capture_result(struct fp_dev *dev, int result,
struct fp_img *img);
void fpi_drvcb_capture_stopped(struct fp_dev *dev);
/* for image drivers */
void fpi_imgdev_open_complete(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, int status);
void fpi_imgdev_close_complete(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev);
void fpi_imgdev_activate_complete(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, int status);
void fpi_imgdev_deactivate_complete(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev);
void fpi_imgdev_report_finger_status(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev,
gboolean present);
void fpi_imgdev_image_captured(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, struct fp_img *img);
void fpi_imgdev_abort_scan(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, int result);
void fpi_imgdev_session_error(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, int error);
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