Commit 1acd647b authored by Jeremy Bicha's avatar Jeremy Bicha Committed by Bastien Nocera

build: Fix underlinking against glib
parent 0e843ad6
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ libfprint_la_LIBADD = -lm $(LIBUSB_LIBS) $(GLIB_LIBS) $(CRYPTO_LIBS)
fprint_list_udev_rules_SOURCES = fprint-list-udev-rules.c
fprint_list_udev_rules_CFLAGS = -fvisibility=hidden -I$(srcdir)/nbis/include $(LIBUSB_CFLAGS) $(GLIB_CFLAGS) $(IMAGEMAGICK_CFLAGS) $(CRYPTO_CFLAGS) $(AM_CFLAGS)
fprint_list_udev_rules_LDADD = $(builddir)/
fprint_list_udev_rules_LDADD = $(builddir)/ $(GLIB_LIBS)
udev_rules_DATA = 60-fprint-autosuspend.rules
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