Commit 02b44fa1 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg

vcom5s: Port vcom5s to new API

parent faae8f73
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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ mathlib_dep = cc.find_library('m', required: false)
drivers = get_option('drivers').split(',')
virtual_drivers = [ 'virtual_image' ]
#default_drivers = [ 'upekts', 'upektc', 'upeksonly', 'vcom5s', 'uru4000', 'aes1610', 'aes1660', 'aes2501', 'aes2550', 'aes2660', 'aes3500', 'aes4000', 'vfs101', 'vfs301', 'vfs5011', 'upektc_img', 'etes603', 'vfs0050', 'elan' ]
default_drivers = [ 'upektc_img', 'vfs5011', 'aes3500', 'aes4000', 'aes1610', 'aes1660', 'aes2660', 'aes2501', 'aes2550', 'vfs101', 'vfs301', 'vfs0050', 'etes603' ]
default_drivers = [ 'upektc_img', 'vfs5011', 'aes3500', 'aes4000', 'aes1610', 'aes1660', 'aes2660', 'aes2501', 'aes2550', 'vfs101', 'vfs301', 'vfs0050', 'etes603', 'vcom5s' ]
all_drivers = default_drivers + virtual_drivers
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