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    nbis: Add script to update NBIS and apply changes · 770444af
    Bastien Nocera authored
    NBIS is pretty complicated to update, seeing as we've made quite a few
    changes to get it to compile as a library. With those scripts, we can
    easily trim headers to remove functions we don't use, rename global
    variables, and do any sort of fixups that are necessary right now.
    In the future, removing unused NBIS functions might be as easy as
    updating that script, re-running it, and pushing the changes.
    Note that remove-function.lua is a very crude parser that only supports
    NBIS' style of declaration, with the return type on the same line as the
    function name. I wouldn't recommend trying to use it in another project.
    Callcatcher (https://github.com/caolanm/callcatcher) was also used to
    remove additional unused functions.