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2024-02-20: v1.94.7 release

 * synaptics: fix enroll identify problem after user reset database.
 * synaptics: New PIDs 0x0173, 0x0106, 0x0124.
 * goodixmoc: New PID 0x6582.
 * build: Do not require bash to build, only posix sh.
 * fp-image: Simplify minutiae detection tasks.
 * GLib 2.68 is now required to build libfprint.

New drivers:
 * realtek (PID 0x5813).
 * focaltech_moc (PIDs 0x9E48, 0xD979, 0xA959).
 * egismoc (PIDs 0x0582, 0x05a1).

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 17cc50269368e861ea751af2a3ff957329191ca66832033bb71995e8e9e56f86af955559b147217a19f218af5b1eec0fd2bce5dd2b4f4381be48ef3d6610003d