Tag 1.92.0

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: df34ccc53ac14c5e1ad5a61031b78fc53c531bf33abb0c6585455e822a70e68f66baecc011a26dc0d4574215ffbd0ea2f393771104ec587639c34a9de53fe8ca

2021-06-30: v1.92.0 release


  • Support for SPI devices was added together with the elanspi driver
  • Generate hwdb for autosuspend (which is now pulled by systemd)
  • An API was added to clear the device storage. Note: Devices may not implement the "list" API anymore.
  • Device features can now be queried using a common API

New drivers:

  • vfs7552
  • nb1010
  • elanspi

Driver changes:

  • uru4000: Fix deactivation when unplugged unexpectedly
  • goodixmoc: Correctly complete verify/identify after retry condition
  • goodixmoc: Support power shield feature
  • goodixmoc: Support new PIDs
  • synaptics: Fix driver lockup when sequence counter overflows (#358)
  • synaptics: Remove unnecessary device reset
  • synaptics: Support new PIDs
  • synaptics: Add clear_storage and remove list support
  • synaptics: Fix initialization if the device is still busy when opening
  • upeksonly: Fix double free in USB transfer callbacks
  • elan: Support new PIDs
  • vfs301: Fix leak of USB transfer
  • uru4000: Silence warning happening during startup

Internal API changes:

  • ssm: Add getter for the device
  • ssm: Add cleanup state feature
  • image-device: Allow overriding number of enroll stages
  • context: Support udev based device discovery
  • spi-transfer: Add SPI transfer helper routines


  • Use pcap based USB replay for CI
  • New virtual drivers for more advanced testing
  • Ensure async operations are run in the thread local main context
  • Disable drivers on big-endian unless they are verified to work
  • Add missing gobject-introspection dependency