Tag 1.90.6

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 1cca84a89332a674d822476e587e1d9f30dc11bfff13724548ec0be66ab32f910fb5e7a7c9403c9a813538fdd9e86661105af8e2a4865b0b30d301601c7bddab

2020-12-01: v1.90.6 release

This release is primarily a bugfix release for some older issues.

The major change is that fp_print_deserialize will now correctly return a sunken reference rather than a floating one. Most API users will have assumed this was true, and issues could happen at a later point. If any API user worked around this libfprint bug, they will now leak the returned print.


  • Object reference management fixes for FpPrint and identify
  • Fixed issues that caused problem on non-x86 machines (#236)
  • Fix building with older GLib versions
  • synaptics: Support PID 00e7
  • goodix: Fix issue with long USB packages