Tag 1.90.3

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 67e0d995146cb82107480520589b6c90583602b3945e03f71c2fdb5f0f2c681143c67e824e0572ae93995e75112c402efaad101f01be5e86a75389e4f1421821

2020-06-08: v1.90.3 release

This release mostly contains support for a number of new match-on-chip devices. Most notable is the addition of the new goodixmoc driver. Currently the driver has the small caveat that we have no strategy to garbage collect old prints yet (a simple strategy could be implemented in fprintd).


  • New goodixmoc driver supporting Goodix USB devices: 27C6:5840 27C6:6496 27C6:60A2
  • Newly added support for Synaptics device: 06CB:00E9 06CB:00DF
  • Fixed an issue with Synaptics devices sometimes not working at boot
  • Fix issue with aes3k driver (#306)