Tag 1.90.1

This release fixes a lot of the regressions introduced in 1.90.0. Please note that both the driver and external APIs have changed, as both the verify and the identify functions now have early reporting mechanisms. The soname for the library, as well as a number of file locations have also changed. While this allows installation in parallel with the 1.0 version of libfprint, we recommend installing only one, and migrating from version 1.0 to version 2.0 alongside its main consumer (fprintd).

Only major changes are listed below. A lot of other cleanup work and small fixes have also been merged.


  • Add early report mechanism for verify and identify (API CHANGE!)
  • Add support to run tests in gdb/valgrind
  • Allow testing on all architectures
  • Avoid image device AWAIT_FINGER_ON to deactivate state transitions
  • Fix verify/identify error propagation to library user
  • Correctly read image device information from class data
  • Continue enroll after an image driver reported a retry error
  • Change external API to allow reporting match results early
  • A lot of new unit tests and integration tests have been added

Drivers API:

  • Added API for early report of matching results or retry errors
  • Verify and identification completion functions have been simplified
  • Support variadic arguments in error functions
  • Various re-definitions of ownership handling
  • Add convenience API to change state after a timeout
  • Add unit tests for all the drivers API


  • elan: Ensure correct deactivation of device
  • uru4000: Fix IRQ handler registration and internal state handling
  • uru4000: Fix control transfer request type
  • synaptics:
    • Ensure errors are only reported after finger removal
    • Use early report mechanism

libfprint-1.90.1.tar.xz libfprint-1.90.1.tar.xz.sha256sum