Tag 1.90.0

This release updates the core of the library to use GLib routines and Gio style APIs. While the API both for library users remain similar in most ways, there are some changes and all users will need to be ported.

A large motivation for the in-depth changes was the requirement to add new API to support sensors that store the prints on the sensor. This support is already used by the new synaptics driver, which will support the current generation of the Prometheus MIS (match-in-sensor) chipset by Synaptics (USB ID 06cb:00bd).

The current codebase is considered stable at this point. However, due to the lack of wider testing it is only released as a 1.90.0 release which can be considered a beta-release for 2.0.

With the rewrite, it is now also possible to support devices that are not connected through USB (e.g. I2C). Another major improvement is that the library has now a test suite, testing both the library core and allowing tests of the drivers using umockdev.

libfprint-1.90.0.tar.xz libfprint-1.90.0.tar.xz.sha256sum