1. 27 Dec, 2021 2 commits
  2. 16 Dec, 2021 1 commit
    • Dmitrii Shcherbakov's avatar
      Allow FpPrint data to be extended on enrollment. · 999bca07
      Dmitrii Shcherbakov authored
      * Allow FPI_PRINT_NBIS to be extended rather than overridden if a user
        supplies an existing FpPrint template with data;
      * Prints will only be extended if a device has the required feature.
        For image-based devices this feature is added by default since they
        typically do not have storage (this can be overridden at the child
        class level).
      Extending an existing FpPrint requires passing a template print with
      existing data during the enrollment process. This is done because the
      caller is responsible for maintaining the fingerprint database and doing
      the necessary deserialization operations if needed. The existing
      example program is updated to show how to do that.
  3. 02 Dec, 2021 3 commits
  4. 01 Dec, 2021 1 commit
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      context: Ensure mainloop is idle before enumeration completes · 05fd2c58
      Benjamin Berg authored and Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg committed
      This ensures that we have processed all hotplug events before
      considering enumeration to be complete. This is important due to USB
      persist being turned off. At resume time, devices will disappear and
      immediately re-appear. In this situatoin, enumerate could first see the
      old state with a removed device resulting in it to not be discovered.
      As a hotplug event is semingly emitted by the kernel immediately, we
      can simply make sure to process this hotplug event before returning
      from enumerate.
      Closes: fprintd#119
  5. 15 Nov, 2021 1 commit
  6. 02 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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  8. 27 Oct, 2021 2 commits
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      goodixmoc: Fix template struct for required length calculation · 17ff49f8
      Benjamin Berg authored and Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg committed
      The length is only a single byte in the transfer. However, the struct
      had a uint32_t in that place, breaking the sizeof() calculation and
      seemingly creating issues for certain lengths of user id strings (which
      depend on the username).
      Fix this by changing the type to uint8_t. Also add the initial 0x43
      prefix byte and a byte of apparent padding that the struct contains.
      Leave the two reserved bytes at the end, as they seem to actually have a
      meaning (i.e. they are seemingly send in listings).
      This effectively makes the struct one byte smaller, bringing it down to
      127 bytes from 128 bytes.
      Closes: #428, #404
    • Marco Trevisan's avatar
      tests: Add missing trailing new lines on devices attributes · de46e1e4
      Marco Trevisan authored
      This as per the same reasons of commit 63bfaf4f, and without trailing new
      lines such attributes aren't picked by umockdev in ubuntu and debian.
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  11. 24 Sep, 2021 3 commits
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      Release 1.94.1 · 7efb8603
      Benjamin Berg authored
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      NEWS: Fix 1.94.0 release date · f9492d53
      Benjamin Berg authored
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      goodixmoc: Do not run identify step during enroll · 46669e9f
      Benjamin Berg authored
      While useful, there are advantages for this to be done by the
      surrounding code (i.e. fprintd). As such, remove the identify stage from
      the goodix driver and rely on fprintd doing it for us.
      One can probably argue that neither solution is perfect. Ideally, we
      would probably return the information required to delete the old print
      to the upper stack and let the driver/device handle the duplicate
      However, for now this works well. We may need to reconsider this if we
      get devices that do the duplicate checking transparently and just throw
      an enroll error.
      NOTE: The driver did not report any progress for the identify step. As
      such, the number of enroll steps reported by the device remain the same.
      Closes: #415
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