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......@@ -31,4 +31,55 @@ up with 2 APIs:
1. The external-facing API for applications
2. The internal API for fingerprint drivers
Non-static functions which are intended for internal use only are prepended
with the "fpi_" prefix.
API stability
No API stability has been promised to anyone: go wild, there's no issue with
breaking APIs at this point in time.
libfprint is primarily written for Linux. However, I'm interested in
supporting efforts to port this to other operating systems too.
You should ensure code is portable wherever possible. Try and use GLib rather
than OS-specific features.
Endianness must be considered in all code. libfprint must support both big-
and little-endian systems.
Coding Style
This project follows Linux kernel coding style but with a tab width of 4.
All additions of public API functions must be accompanied with doxygen
All changes which potentially change the behaviour of the public API must
be reflected by updating the appropriate doxygen comments.
Patches should be sent to the fprint mailing list detailed on the website.
A subscription is required.
Information about libfprint development repositories can be found here:
If you're looking for ideas for things to work on, look at the TODO file or
grep the source code for FIXMEs.
libfprint is part of the fprint project:
libfprint was originally developed as part of an academic project at the
University of Manchester with the aim of hiding differences between different
consumer fingerprint scanners and providing a single uniform API to application
developers. The ultimate goal of the fprint project is to make fingerprint
scanners widely and easily usable under common Linux environments.
For more information on libfprint, supported devices, API documentation, etc.,
see the homepage:
libfprint is primarily licensed under the GNU LGPL. HOWEVER, THIS PRERELEASE
subject to both the terms of the LGPL (see COPYING) *and* the GPL
At release time, I will contact libthinkfinger authors and see if they will
be happy to relicense. I expect they will.
libfprint includes code from NIST's NBIS software distribution:
We include bozorth3 from the US export controlled distribution. We have
determined that it is fine to ship bozorth3 in an open source project,
At release time, I will contact libthinkfinger authors and see if they will
be happy to relicense. I expect they will.
......@@ -4,3 +4,5 @@ Joaquin Custodio - hardware donations
TimeTrex ( - hardware donations
Craig Watson (NIST)
James Vasile (SFLC)
Toby Howard (University of Manchester)
Seemant Kulleen
external API documentation
test suite against NFIQ compliance set
make library optionally asynchronous and maybe thread-safe
nbis cleanups
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ docs: doxygen.cfg
doxygen $^
docs-upload: docs
ln -s html fprint-api
ncftpput -f ~/.ncftp/reactivated -m -R httpdocs fprint-api/
rm -f fprint-api
ln -s html api
ncftpput -f ~/.ncftp/reactivated -m -R httpdocs/fprint api/
rm -f api
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