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Release 1.90.7

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This file lists notable changes in each release. For the full history of all
changes, see ChangeLog.
2020-12-01: v1.90.7 release
* vfs5011: Fix possible use-after-free
* goodixmoc: Add two new PIDs (0x63AC, 0x639C)
* goodixmoc: Support finger status API
* synaptics: Only identify within provided prints
* synaptics: Reject devices with old firmware during probe (#239)
2020-12-01: v1.90.6 release
This release is primarily a bugfix release for some older issues.
project('libfprint', [ 'c', 'cpp' ],
version: '1.90.6',
version: '1.90.7',
license: 'LGPLv2.1+',
default_options: [
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