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This file lists notable changes in each release. For the full history of all
changes, see ChangeLog.
2018-06-12: v0.8.0 release
- Port to meson as the build system
- Port documentation to gtk-doc
* Drivers:
- Add Elan driver
- Increase threshold to detect encryption on URU4000 devices
- Remove already replaced UPEKE2 driver
- Fix possible crash caused by vfs5011 when no lines were captured
* Library:
- Fix a number of memory and file descriptor leaks and warnings
- Make NSS (and URU4000) driver optional
- Fix assembling of frames for non-reverse and non reverse stripes
- Split internal private header to clarify drivers API
- Simplify logging system, now all the builds can be used to output
debug information
- Mark fp_dscv_print functions as deprecated
* Udev rules:
- Add some unsupported devices to the whitelist
2017-05-14: v0.7.0 release
* Drivers:
- Add VFS0050 driver
project('libfprint', [ 'c', 'cpp' ],
version: '0.7.0',
version: '0.8.0',
license: 'LGPLv2.1+',
default_options: [
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