Commit 36b696f4 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

lib: Fix error messages in async capture functions

They mentioned verification instead of capture.
parent f42cd6ee
......@@ -538,7 +538,7 @@ API_EXPORTED int fp_async_capture_start(struct fp_dev *dev, int unconditional,
if (r < 0) {
dev->capture_cb = NULL;
dev->state = DEV_STATE_ERROR;
fp_err("failed to start verification, error %d", r);
fp_err("failed to start capture, error %d", r);
return r;
......@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@ API_EXPORTED int fp_async_capture_stop(struct fp_dev *dev,
r = drv->capture_stop(dev);
if (r < 0) {
fp_err("failed to stop verification");
fp_err("failed to stop capture");
dev->capture_stop_cb = NULL;
return r;
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