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      Add PolicyKit checking · 46a9783b
      Bastien Nocera authored
      Add PolicyKit checks to all the public functions, grouped
      in 2 main groups: Verify and Enroll
      By default, only the user is able to enroll new fingers,
      or verify themselves.
      You need to be allowed at least one of those 2 actions
      to be allowed to claim or release the device.
      We also add a new SetUsername function, for administration
      functions. Users will need to be authenticate as admins to
      be allowed to change the username on which the actions will
      be taken. Any prints loaded before the change of username will
      be unloaded.
  5. 14 May, 2008 1 commit
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      Add i18n support · 3ad569b6
      Bastien Nocera authored
      This will be needed to get better error messages to
      users of the D-Bus API. We use glib's builtin gettext
      support. No strings marked as translatable yet, we'll
      need to mark those user-visible strings carefully and
      review them.
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