Commit 7e4630ce authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

pam: Fix eventfd leak

When we create our own GMainContext, we need to be the ones
disposing of it as well, as GMainLoop won't take ownership of it.

parent fc228b99
......@@ -170,6 +170,17 @@ static void close_and_unref (DBusGConnection *connection)
dbus_g_connection_unref (connection);
static void unref_loop (GMainLoop *loop)
GMainContext *ctx;
/* The main context was created separately, so
* we'll need to unref it ourselves */
ctx = g_main_loop_get_context (loop);
g_main_loop_unref (loop);
g_main_context_unref (ctx);
#define DBUS_TYPE_G_OBJECT_PATH_ARRAY (dbus_g_type_get_collection ("GPtrArray", DBUS_TYPE_G_OBJECT_PATH))
static DBusGProxy *open_device(pam_handle_t *pamh, DBusGConnection *connection, DBusGProxy *manager, const char *username, gboolean *has_multiple_devices)
......@@ -397,13 +408,13 @@ static int do_auth(pam_handle_t *pamh, const char *username)
dev = open_device(pamh, connection, manager, username, &has_multiple_devices);
g_object_unref (manager);
if (!dev) {
g_main_loop_unref (loop);
unref_loop (loop);
close_and_unref (connection);
ret = do_verify(loop, pamh, dev, has_multiple_devices);
g_main_loop_unref (loop);
unref_loop (loop);
release_device(pamh, dev);
g_object_unref (dev);
close_and_unref (connection);
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