Tag 1.92.0

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: a8a3fd149528c4ffbf7e11597da3c4bf4d81d83849716dcff5e5cb3c2e8150f9897b7050f6b99896aec2be594f86f5d2ba11551134304d83d31e9d216ca4f253

Version 1.92.0

API users, please adjust now to planned API changes in 2.0:

  • EnrollStart will throw an error if the finger was enrolled already
  • Interactive DBus authentication will only happen when requested


  • fprintd now prevents the same finger to be enrolled twice
  • Support clearing storage of match-on-chip devices
  • pam: Cancel authentication on SIGINT (e.g. ctrl+c with sudo)
  • pam: Always return PAM_AUTHINFO_UNAVAIL for devices without prints
  • Expose finger status on DBus
  • Add method to delete only a specific print of a user
  • Improved error reporting for deletion
  • Wait for finger removal before cancelling operations
  • Prefer older prints when garbage collecting
  • Major improvements to test coverage