Tag 1.90.6

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 729d85665f212b73c45a988151454a2bea0e4b2dc73eb4c60b739326fe26e26e7c7dafa9d064766b5c8c23e9fd242f9a8dd053ab38959158e7c05fc6358926e1

NOTE: This release is broken!

The 1.90.5 release was unusable due to a number of inter-related issues with the DBus interface and authorization. We also found a number of problems with possible security implications.

Currently fprintd will do interactive authorization even if this was not requested using the correct DBus method call flag. All API users MUST be updated to set the flag as it will be enabled in the future!


  • Fix fprintd DBus configuration
  • Change details of what requires authorization
  • Fix various race conditions in pam_fprintd
  • Permit interactive authorization from fprintd utilities
  • Do not allow deletion while another operation is ongoing