Tag 1.90.4

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 3c804168668825a5f0cf59568e5f5f3e614d4c047a478a17a81a18b41c3f033dad851f3839c756e570dffef262d0a0f0f43c95e2fdf9159adb560d8e0a1c3c1d

NOTE: This release is broken!

This fprintd release contains major core reworkings and improved testing. As such, only the most important changes are listed here, focusing on changes relevant to distributors.


  • Authentication is now required to enroll a new print (#5)
  • Add support for the libfprint early reporting mechanism
  • Proper hotplug support together with libfprint 1.90.4
  • Handle STATE_DIRECTORY containing multiple paths