Commit f39e1475 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera Committed by Daniel Drake
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Update TODO

More done, and more to do.
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Image transfer
Automatically ReleaseDevice when application disconnects from bus
Rethink print handling - we discover on ListEnrolled and rediscover on each LoadPrintData
Enforce command sequences:
force VerifyStop after non-retry verify result comes in
only allow GetVerifyResult during a verification
only allow VerifyStop during a verification
Rethink enums and results passed, should be strings and D-Bus errors
......@@ -19,3 +14,21 @@;a=tree
Register fprintd' po file with Transifex, Rosetta or the Translation Project
Support insertion/removal of devices
Fix memory leaks with print data/gallery when using the verify_async and
Add some hardware protection by making sure devices aren't opened and
reading for more than a certain amount of time.
Add POS use case
Review error cases, and possible errors
Do we swipe or scan, devices would know
Export fp_dev_get_nr_enroll_stages and swipe type through properties
Add a "done" argument to verify and enroll result signals, make it easier
to know when we're done.
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