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Add README for the PAM module

With some more info about the options.
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PAM module for fingerprint authentication
* Modify the appropriate PAM configuration file
(/etc/pam.d/system-auth-ac on Fedora systems), and add the line:
auth sufficient
before the line:
auth sufficient ...
* You can now enroll fingerprints using fprintd-enroll. The first available
fingerprint available will be used to log you in.
* You can add the "debug" option on the pam configuration file line above,
this will log more information from PAM to the file specified in your
syslog configuration (/var/log/secure by default on Fedora)
Known issues:
* pam_fprintd does not support identifying the user itself as
that would mean having the fingerprint reader on for all the time
the user selection is displayed, and could damage the hardware.
It could be fixed by having gdm/login only start the PAM conversation
when there is activity
* pam_fprintd doesn't support entering either the password or a fingerprint,
as pam_thinkfinger does, because it's a gross hack, and could be fixed
by having the login managers run 2 separate PAM stacks
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