Commit e084ce3f authored by Guillem Jover's avatar Guillem Jover

Specify setproctitle_stub() signature manually if typeof is missing

Do not stop exporting the function in the version node even if typeof
is not available, as that would break ABI.
parent 50e4c55a
......@@ -257,11 +257,14 @@ setproctitle_impl(const char *fmt, ...)
__asm__(".symver setproctitle_impl,setproctitle@@LIBBSD_0.5");
/* The original function introduced in 0.2 was a stub, it only got implemented
* in 0.5, make the implementation available in the old version as an alias
* for code linking against that version, and change the default to use the
* new version, so that new code depends on the implemented version. */
extern typeof(setproctitle_impl) setproctitle_stub __attribute__((alias("setproctitle_impl")));
__asm__(".symver setproctitle_stub,setproctitle@LIBBSD_0.2");
void setproctitle_stub(const char *fmt, ...)
__asm__(".symver setproctitle_stub,setproctitle@LIBBSD_0.2");
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