Commit 5e0998fa authored by Guillem Jover's avatar Guillem Jover

Remove dead code in vis

The loop only executes while len > 0, and the trinary operator in the
function argument is checking against len >= 1 which will always be

Warned-by: coverity
parent 8e2d5504
......@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ istrsenvisx(char **mbdstp, size_t *dlen, const char *mbsrc, size_t mblength,
for (start = dst; len > 0; len--) {
c = *src++;
dst = (*f)(dst, c, flags, len >= 1 ? *src : L'\0', extra);
dst = (*f)(dst, c, flags, *src, extra);
if (dst == NULL) {
errno = ENOSPC;
goto out;
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