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man: Update libbsd(7) man page with updates in 0.11.0

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......@@ -94,11 +94,13 @@ be prefixed with
.It In bitstring.h
.It In err.h
.It In getopt.h
.It In grp.h
.It In inttypes.h
.It In libutil.h
.It In md5.h
.It In netinet/ip_icmp.h
.It In nlist.h
.It In pwd.h
.It In readpassphrase.h
.It In stdio.h
.It In stdlib.h
......@@ -107,6 +109,7 @@ be prefixed with
.It In sys/bitstring.h
.It In sys/cdefs.h
.It In sys/endian.h
.It In sys/param.h
.It In sys/poll.h
.It In sys/queue.h
.It In sys/time.h
......@@ -125,6 +128,45 @@ It only works in non-overlay mode.
.Bl -tag -width 4m -compact
.It In bsd/bsd.h
Some functions have different prototypes depending on the BSD where they
originated from, and these various implementations provided are selectable
at build-time.
This is the list of functions that provide multiple implementations:
.Bl -tag -width 4m
.It Fn strnvis 3
.It Fn strnunvis 3
.Fn strnvis 3
.Fn strnunvis 3
but unfortunately made it incompatible with the existing one in
and Freedesktop's libbsd (the former having existed for over ten years).
Despite this incompatibility being reported during development (see they still shipped it.
Even more unfortunately
and later MacOS picked up this incompatible implementation.
Provide both implementations and default for now to the historical one to
avoid breakage, but we will switch to the
one in a later release, which is internally consistent with the other
.Xr vis 3
functions and is now more widespread.
to switch to the
.Nx one now.
to keep using the
Some functions have been deprecated, they will emit warnings at compile time
and possibly while being linked at run-time.
......@@ -216,6 +258,7 @@ This function is provided by
.Xr md5 3bsd ,
.Xr nlist 3bsd ,
.Xr pidfile 3bsd ,
.Xr pwcache 3bsd ,
.Xr queue 3bsd ,
.Xr radixsort 3bsd ,
.Xr readpassphrase 3bsd ,
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