1. 16 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Add an index.html to the releases/ directory · cccc45f2
      Guillem Jover authored
      The GitLab pages do not seem to support autoindexing, so we need to
      provide one ourselves.
      This might be an opportunity to include release notes, or links to
      release announcements in the future.
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      Import from ikiwiki site · e27548f3
      Guillem Jover authored
      This switched the libbsd.freedesktop.org site to be hosted in GitLab,
      and deployed via its CI/CD support. For now the HTML is what ikiwiki
      last generated, although the Markdown source is included pending a
      future switch to a proper static site generator.
      Add support to track file matadata so that we can preserve the releases
      Add a FreeDesktop.Org favicon.