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    c11/threads: don't include assert.h if the assert macro is already defined · eaf9affa
    Brian Paul authored
    In the gallium code, the assert() macro could come from either the
    system's assert.h file (via c11/threads.h) or from gallium's u_debug.h.
    It looks like all known assert.h files unconditionally #undef assert
    before defining their own version.  So the assert you get depends on
    whether threads.h or u_debug.h was included last.
    In the gallium code we really want to use the assert() from u_debug.h
    (it behaves better on Windows).  In gallium, c11/threads.h is only
    included after u_debug.h in the os_thread.h wrapper.  So Adding
    an #ifndef assert test in the threads*.h files avoids using the system's
    Cc: "10.1" <mesa-stable@lists.freedesktop.org>
    Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca's avatarJosé Fonseca <jfonseca@vmware.com>
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