compiler: Save a single copy of the softfp64 shader in the context.

We were recompiling the softfp64 library of functions from GLSL to NIR
every time we compiled a shader that used fp64.  Worse, we were ralloc
stealing it to the GL context.  This meant that we'd accumulate lots of
copies for the lifetime of the context, which was a big space leak.

Instead, we can simply stash a single copy in the GL context, and use
it for subsequent compiles.  Having a single copy should be fine from
a memory context point of view: nir_inline_function_impl already clones
the necessary nir_function_impl's as it inlines.

KHR-GL45.enhanced_layouts.ssb_member_align_non_power_of_2 was previously
OOM'ing a system with 16GB of RAM when using softfp64.  Now it finishes
much more quickly and uses only ~200MB of RAM.

Reviewed-by: Jordan Justen <>
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