Commit d4a1f3fd authored by Jose Fonseca's avatar Jose Fonseca Committed by Emil Velikov

scons: do not include headers from the sources lists

The SCons documentation is not explicit on the topic yet building mesa
with SCons and MSVC is known to have problems when headers are listed.
So be safe just drop them for now.

Bugzilla: Vinson Lee's avatarVinson Lee <>
Acked-by: Emil Velikov's avatarEmil Velikov <>
parent 395ce0b0
......@@ -276,6 +276,9 @@ def parse_source_list(env, filename, names=None):
# Prefer relative source paths, as absolute files tend to
# cause duplicate actions.
f = f[len(cur_srcdir + '/'):]
# do not include any headers
if f.endswith('.h'):
src_lists[sym] = srcs
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