Commit c1b01370 authored by Prodea Alexandru-Liviu's avatar Prodea Alexandru-Liviu Committed by Emil Velikov

Scons: Add LLVM 5.0 support

1 new required library - LLVMBinaryFormat

Cc: "17.2" <>
Bugzilla: Prodea Alexandru-Liviu's avatarAlexandru-Liviu Prodea <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEmil Velikov <>
parent 31237b05
......@@ -104,7 +104,26 @@ def generate(env):
env.Prepend(LIBPATH = [os.path.join(llvm_dir, 'lib')])
# LIBS should match the output of `llvm-config --libs engine mcjit bitwriter x86asmprinter irreader`
if llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('4.0'):
if llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('5.0'):
env.Prepend(LIBS = [
'LLVMX86Disassembler', 'LLVMX86AsmParser',
'LLVMX86CodeGen', 'LLVMSelectionDAG', 'LLVMAsmPrinter',
'LLVMDebugInfoCodeView', 'LLVMCodeGen',
'LLVMScalarOpts', 'LLVMInstCombine',
'LLVMBitWriter', 'LLVMX86Desc',
'LLVMMCDisassembler', 'LLVMX86Info',
'LLVMX86AsmPrinter', 'LLVMX86Utils',
'LLVMMCJIT', 'LLVMExecutionEngine', 'LLVMTarget',
'LLVMAnalysis', 'LLVMProfileData',
'LLVMRuntimeDyld', 'LLVMObject', 'LLVMMCParser',
'LLVMBitReader', 'LLVMMC', 'LLVMCore',
'LLVMIRReader', 'LLVMAsmParser',
'LLVMDemangle', 'LLVMGlobalISel', 'LLVMDebugInfoMSF',
elif llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('4.0'):
env.Prepend(LIBS = [
'LLVMX86Disassembler', 'LLVMX86AsmParser',
'LLVMX86CodeGen', 'LLVMSelectionDAG', 'LLVMAsmPrinter',
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