Commit b94a4e84 authored by Olivier Pena's avatar Olivier Pena Committed by Jose Fonseca

scons: Support LLVM 3.5 and 3.6 on windows.

llvm/Config/llvm-config.h is parsed instead of llvm/Config/config.h for
detecting LLVM version
Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca's avatarJose Fonseca <>
parent dfb0b36e
......@@ -72,18 +72,25 @@ def generate(env):
# Try to determine the LLVM version from llvm/Config/config.h
llvm_config = os.path.join(llvm_dir, 'include/llvm/Config/config.h')
llvm_config = os.path.join(llvm_dir, 'include/llvm/Config/llvm-config.h')
if not os.path.exists(llvm_config):
print 'scons: could not find %s' % llvm_config
llvm_version_re = re.compile(r'^#define PACKAGE_VERSION "([^"]*)"')
llvm_version_major_re = re.compile(r'^#define LLVM_VERSION_MAJOR ([0-9]+)')
llvm_version_minor_re = re.compile(r'^#define LLVM_VERSION_MINOR ([0-9]+)')
llvm_version = None
llvm_version_major = None
llvm_version_minor = None
for line in open(llvm_config, 'rt'):
mo = llvm_version_re.match(line)
mo = llvm_version_major_re.match(line)
if mo:
llvm_version =
llvm_version = distutils.version.LooseVersion(llvm_version)
llvm_version_major =
mo = llvm_version_minor_re.match(line)
if mo:
llvm_version_minor =
if llvm_version_major is not None and llvm_version_minor is not None:
llvm_version = distutils.version.LooseVersion('%s.%s' % (llvm_version_major, llvm_version_minor))
if llvm_version is None:
print 'scons: could not determine the LLVM version from %s' % llvm_config
......@@ -99,7 +106,19 @@ def generate(env):
env.Prepend(LIBPATH = [os.path.join(llvm_dir, 'lib')])
# LIBS should match the output of `llvm-config --libs engine mcjit bitwriter x86asmprinter`
if llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('3.5'):
if llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('3.6'):
env.Prepend(LIBS = [
'LLVMBitWriter', 'LLVMX86Disassembler', 'LLVMX86AsmParser',
'LLVMX86CodeGen', 'LLVMSelectionDAG', 'LLVMAsmPrinter',
'LLVMCodeGen', 'LLVMScalarOpts', 'LLVMProfileData',
'LLVMInstCombine', 'LLVMTransformUtils', 'LLVMipa',
'LLVMAnalysis', 'LLVMX86Desc', 'LLVMMCDisassembler',
'LLVMX86Info', 'LLVMX86AsmPrinter', 'LLVMX86Utils',
'LLVMMCJIT', 'LLVMTarget', 'LLVMExecutionEngine',
'LLVMRuntimeDyld', 'LLVMObject', 'LLVMMCParser',
'LLVMBitReader', 'LLVMMC', 'LLVMCore', 'LLVMSupport'
elif llvm_version >= distutils.version.LooseVersion('3.5'):
env.Prepend(LIBS = [
'LLVMBitWriter', 'LLVMMCJIT', 'LLVMRuntimeDyld',
'LLVMX86Disassembler', 'LLVMX86AsmParser', 'LLVMX86CodeGen',
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