Commit 1b62b47f authored by Giuseppe Bilotta's avatar Giuseppe Bilotta Committed by Brian Paul

scons: support 2.5.0

The get_implicit_deps changed in SCons 2.5, expecting a callable rather
than a path as third argument. Detect the SCons versions and set the
argument appropriately to support both 2.5 and earlier versions.

This closes #95211.

Bugzilla: Giuseppe Bilotta's avatarGiuseppe Bilotta <>
Acked-by: default avatarEmil Velikov <>
Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <>
parent 8c00fe39
......@@ -43,6 +43,13 @@ import fixes
import source_list
# the get_implicit_deps() method changed between 2.4 and 2.5: now it expects
# a callable that takes a scanner as argument and returns a path, rather than
# a path directly. We want to support both, so we need to detect the SCons version,
# for which no API is provided by SCons 8-P
scons_version = tuple(map(int, SCons.__version__.split('.')))
def quietCommandLines(env):
# Quiet command lines
# See also
......@@ -129,7 +136,7 @@ def code_generate(env, script, target, source, command):
# Explicitly mark that the generated code depends on the generator,
# and on implicitly imported python modules
path = (script_src.get_dir(),)
path = (script_src.get_dir(),) if scons_version < (2, 5, 0) else lambda x: script_src
deps = [script_src]
deps += script_src.get_implicit_deps(env, python_scanner, path)
env.Depends(code, deps)
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