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  5. 08 Oct, 2015 1 commit
    • Brian Paul's avatar
      mesa,meta: move gl_texture_object::TargetIndex initializations · 7d7dd187
      Brian Paul authored
      Before, we were unconditionally assigning the TargetIndex field in
      _mesa_BindTexture(), even if it was already set properly.  Now we
      initialize TargetIndex wherever we initialize the Target field, in
      _mesa_initialize_texture_object(), finish_texture_init(), etc.
      v2: also update the meta_copy_image code.  In make_view() the
      view_tex_obj->Target field was set, but not the TargetIndex field.
      Also, remove a second, redundant assignment to view_tex_obj->Target.
      Add sanity check assertions too.
      Reviewed-by: Anuj Phogat's avatarAnuj Phogat <anuj.phogat@gmail.com>
      Tested-by: Mark Janes's avatarMark Janes <mark.a.janes@intel.com>
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    • Chris Forbes's avatar
      mesa: fix texture view use of _mesa_get_tex_image() · 8bb666ce
      Chris Forbes authored
      The target parameter to _mesa_get_tex_image() is a target enum, not an index.
      When we're setting up faces for a cubemap, it should be
      CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_X .. CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Z; for all other targets it
      should be the same as the texobj's target.
      Fixes broken cubemaps [had only +X face but claimed to have all] produced by
      glTextureView, which then caused various crashes in the driver when we
      tried to use them.
      Signed-off-by: Chris Forbes's avatarChris Forbes <chrisf@ijw.co.nz>
      Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <brianp@vmware.com>
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  16. 08 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      gallium: Add egl-apis target. · 63ab2509
      Chia-I Wu authored
      The new target installs client API modules to EGL_DRIVER_INSTALL_DIR.
      They are used by st/egl.
      The client APIs are built from OpenGL and OpenVG state trackers.  For
      this to work, st/vega is modified to produce a static library,
      libvega.a, instead.  st/es is also not needed any more.  It is removed
      and --with-state-trackers=es is replaced by --enable-gles-overlay.
      As st/egl now has its own client API modules, this solves the ABI issue
      between st/egl and client APIs, as long as the client API modules are
      distributed with st/egl.  Plus, this allows st/egl to support OpenGL
      with non-Gallium libGL.so.
  17. 09 Apr, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      Fix copyright headers. · ba81b074
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Update the warranty disclaimer to use the more general "THE AUTHORS OR
      COPYRIGHT HOLDERS".  This is done manually on files created by me.  Hope
      that I do not miss anything.
  18. 12 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      st/vega: Implement st_api.h. · 8bcd616a
      Chia-I Wu authored
      There is currently no user of this new interface.  As the inteface can
      coexist with st_public.h, everthing should work as before.
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    • Jouk Jansen's avatar
      · 5e3bc0c2
      Jouk Jansen authored
       Committing in .
       Modified Files:
       	Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapi1.h Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapi2.h
       	Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapiext.h Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli.c
       	Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli.h Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli2.c
       	Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli_tridebug.c Mesa/src/accum.c
       	Mesa/src/accum.h Mesa/src/all.h Mesa/src/alpha.c
       	Mesa/src/alpha.h Mesa/src/attrib.c Mesa/src/attrib.h
       	Mesa/src/bitmap.c Mesa/src/bitmap.h Mesa/src/blend.c
       	Mesa/src/blend.h Mesa/src/buffers.c Mesa/src/buffers.h
       	Mesa/src/clip.c Mesa/src/clip.h Mesa/src/colortab.h
       	Mesa/src/config.c Mesa/src/context.c Mesa/src/context.h
       	Mesa/src/convolve.c Mesa/src/convolve.h Mesa/src/copypix.c
       	Mesa/src/copypix.h Mesa/src/debug.c Mesa/src/depth.c
       	Mesa/src/depth.h Mesa/src/dlist.c Mesa/src/dlist.h
       	Mesa/src/drawpix.c Mesa/src/drawpix.h Mesa/src/enable.c
       	Mesa/src/enable.h Mesa/src/eval.c Mesa/src/eval.h
       	Mesa/src/extensions.c Mesa/src/extensions.h
       	Mesa/src/feedback.c Mesa/src/feedback.h Mesa/src/fog.c
       	Mesa/src/fog.h Mesa/src/get.c Mesa/src/get.h Mesa/src/glapi.c
       	Mesa/src/glthread.h Mesa/src/highpc.c Mesa/src/hint.h
       	Mesa/src/histogram.h Mesa/src/image.c Mesa/src/image.h
       	Mesa/src/imports.c Mesa/src/light.c Mesa/src/light.h
       	Mesa/src/lines.c Mesa/src/lines.h Mesa/src/logic.c
       	Mesa/src/logic.h Mesa/src/masking.c Mesa/src/masking.h
       	Mesa/src/matrix.c Mesa/src/matrix.h Mesa/src/pixel.c
       	Mesa/src/pixel.h Mesa/src/points.c Mesa/src/points.h
       	Mesa/src/polygon.c Mesa/src/polygon.h Mesa/src/rastpos.c
       	Mesa/src/readpix.c Mesa/src/scissor.c Mesa/src/scissor.h
       	Mesa/src/state.c Mesa/src/state.h Mesa/src/stencil.c
       	Mesa/src/stencil.h Mesa/src/teximage.c Mesa/src/teximage.h
       	Mesa/src/texobj.c Mesa/src/texobj.h Mesa/src/texstate.c
       	Mesa/src/texstate.h Mesa/src/texture.c Mesa/src/texture.h
       	Mesa/src/texutil.c Mesa/src/texutil.h Mesa/src/varray.c
       	Mesa/src/varray.h Mesa/src/X/fakeglx.c Mesa/src/X/xm_api.c
       	Mesa/src/X/xm_dd.c Mesa/src/X/xm_line.c Mesa/src/X/xm_span.c
       	Mesa/src/X/xm_tri.c Mesa/src/swrast/s_aaline.c
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_aaline.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_aatriangle.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_accum.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_alpha.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_alphabuf.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_blend.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_context.c Mesa/src/swrast/s_context.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_depth.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_drawpix.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_feedback.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_fog.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_histogram.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_lines.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_logic.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_masking.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_pb.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_pixeltex.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_points.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_quads.c
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_quads.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_scissor.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_span.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_stencil.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_texture.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_triangle.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_zoom.h Mesa/src/swrast/swrast.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast_setup/ss_vb.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_clip.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_clip.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_context.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_context.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_cva.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_cva.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_debug.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_debug.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_dlist.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_eval.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_eval.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_fog.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_fog.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_light.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_light.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_pipeline.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_pipeline.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_shade.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_shade.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_stages.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_stages.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_texture.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_texture.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_trans_elt.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_trans_elt.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_varray.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_varray.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vb.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vb.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbcull.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbcull.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbfill.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbfill.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbindirect.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbindirect.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbrender.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbrender.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbxform.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbxform.h
       Added Files:
       Removed Files:
       Changed Mesa/src/types to Mesa/src/mtypes.h to avoid conflicts while
      compiling on a VMS system.
  25. 05 Nov, 2000 1 commit
    • Keith Whitwell's avatar
      A new module to provide RasterSetup and advanced triangle/line/point · 7c20642b
      Keith Whitwell authored
      functionality layered on top of the software rasterizer.
      An example entrypoint:
      	void _swsetup_Triangle( GLcontext, GLuint, GLuint, GLuint, GLuint )
      will coerce the software rasterizer to draw flat, twoside-lit,
      unfilled and offset triangles (including decomposition to points or lines).
  26. 31 Oct, 2000 1 commit
  27. 11 Nov, 1999 1 commit
  28. 19 Aug, 1999 1 commit