Commit d97e333e authored by Nicolai Hähnle's avatar Nicolai Hähnle

radeonsi: mark descriptor loads as using dynamically uniform indices

This tells LLVM to always use SMEM loads for descriptors. It fixes a
regression in piglit's arb_shader_storage_buffer_object/execution/indirect.shader_test
that was caused by LLVM r268259 (but the proper fix is really here in Mesa).
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent f01d92f4
......@@ -94,7 +94,9 @@ struct si_shader_context
LLVMTargetMachineRef tm;
unsigned uniform_md_kind;
LLVMValueRef const_md;
LLVMValueRef empty_md;
LLVMValueRef const_buffers[SI_NUM_CONST_BUFFERS];
LLVMValueRef lds;
LLVMValueRef *constants[SI_NUM_CONST_BUFFERS];
......@@ -373,9 +375,12 @@ static void build_indexed_store(struct si_shader_context *ctx,
* \param base_ptr Where the array starts.
* \param index The element index into the array.
* \param uniform Whether the base_ptr and index can be assumed to be
* dynamically uniform
static LLVMValueRef build_indexed_load(struct si_shader_context *ctx,
LLVMValueRef base_ptr, LLVMValueRef index)
LLVMValueRef base_ptr, LLVMValueRef index,
bool uniform)
struct lp_build_tgsi_context *bld_base = &ctx->radeon_bld.soa.bld_base;
struct gallivm_state *gallivm = bld_base->base.gallivm;
......@@ -385,18 +390,20 @@ static LLVMValueRef build_indexed_load(struct si_shader_context *ctx,
indices[1] = index;
pointer = LLVMBuildGEP(gallivm->builder, base_ptr, indices, 2, "");
if (uniform)
LLVMSetMetadata(pointer, ctx->uniform_md_kind, ctx->empty_md);
return LLVMBuildLoad(gallivm->builder, pointer, "");
* Do a load from &base_ptr[index], but also add a flag that it's loading
* a constant.
* a constant from a dynamically uniform index.
static LLVMValueRef build_indexed_load_const(
struct si_shader_context *ctx,
LLVMValueRef base_ptr, LLVMValueRef index)
LLVMValueRef result = build_indexed_load(ctx, base_ptr, index);
LLVMValueRef result = build_indexed_load(ctx, base_ptr, index, true);
LLVMSetMetadata(result, 1, ctx->const_md);
return result;
......@@ -679,12 +686,12 @@ static LLVMValueRef lds_load(struct lp_build_tgsi_context *bld_base,
dw_addr = lp_build_add(&bld_base->uint_bld, dw_addr,
lp_build_const_int32(gallivm, swizzle));
value = build_indexed_load(ctx, ctx->lds, dw_addr);
value = build_indexed_load(ctx, ctx->lds, dw_addr, false);
if (type == TGSI_TYPE_DOUBLE) {
LLVMValueRef value2;
dw_addr = lp_build_add(&bld_base->uint_bld, dw_addr,
lp_build_const_int32(gallivm, swizzle + 1));
value2 = build_indexed_load(ctx, ctx->lds, dw_addr);
value2 = build_indexed_load(ctx, ctx->lds, dw_addr, false);
return radeon_llvm_emit_fetch_double(bld_base, value, value2);
......@@ -4885,6 +4892,11 @@ static void create_meta_data(struct si_shader_context *ctx)
args[2] = lp_build_const_int32(gallivm, 1);
ctx->const_md = LLVMMDNodeInContext(gallivm->context, args, 3);
ctx->uniform_md_kind = LLVMGetMDKindIDInContext(gallivm->context,
"amdgpu.uniform", 14);
ctx->empty_md = LLVMMDNodeInContext(gallivm->context, NULL, 0);
static void declare_streamout_params(struct si_shader_context *ctx,
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