Commit d8f3e8e6 authored by Nicolai Hähnle's avatar Nicolai Hähnle

radeonsi: always allocate export memory for pixel shaders

Experiments with framebuffer-no-attachments type draw calls have shown that
NULL exports stall terribly unless we ensure that export memory is allocated
by the SPI.
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent ad1782cf
......@@ -688,14 +688,19 @@ static void si_shader_ps(struct si_shader *shader)
spi_shader_col_format = si_get_spi_shader_col_format(shader);
cb_shader_mask = si_get_cb_shader_mask(spi_shader_col_format);
/* This must be non-zero for alpha-test/kill to work.
* The hardware ignores the EXEC mask if no export memory is allocated.
/* Ensure that some export memory is always allocated, for two reasons:
* 1) Correctness: The hardware ignores the EXEC mask if no export
* memory is allocated, so KILL and alpha test do not work correctly
* without this.
* 2) Performance: Every shader needs at least a NULL export, even when
* it writes no color/depth output. The NULL export instruction
* stalls without this setting.
* Don't add this to CB_SHADER_MASK.
if (!spi_shader_col_format &&
!info->writes_z && !info->writes_stencil && !info->writes_samplemask &&
(shader->selector->info.uses_kill ||
shader-> != PIPE_FUNC_ALWAYS))
!info->writes_z && !info->writes_stencil && !info->writes_samplemask)
spi_shader_col_format = V_028714_SPI_SHADER_32_R;
si_pm4_set_reg(pm4, R_0286CC_SPI_PS_INPUT_ENA, input_ena);
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