Commit d085920b authored by Vasily Khoruzhick's avatar Vasily Khoruzhick

lima/gpir: fix float uniform alignment issue

If PIPE_CAP_PACKED_UNIFORMS is not set uniforms are vec4 aligned,
so lima_nir_lower_uniform_to_scalar should use first channel of vec4
for float uniforms.
Reviewed-by: Qiang Yu's avatarQiang Yu <>
Signed-off-by: Vasily Khoruzhick's avatarVasily Khoruzhick <>
parent d84b85bc
......@@ -71,8 +71,7 @@ lima_nir_lower_uniform_to_scalar(nir_shader *shader)
nir_intrinsic_instr *intr = nir_instr_as_intrinsic(instr);
if (intr->intrinsic != nir_intrinsic_load_uniform ||
intr->num_components == 1)
if (intr->intrinsic != nir_intrinsic_load_uniform)
lower_load_uniform_to_scalar(&b, intr);
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