Commit a62f031b authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

main: uses casts to silence some _mesa_debug() format warnings

Silences warnings with 32-bit Linux gcc builds and MinGW which doesn't
recognize the ‘t’ conversion character.
Reviewed-by: Sinclair Yeh's avatarSinclair Yeh <>
parent 51300a03
......@@ -2487,8 +2487,9 @@ _mesa_map_buffer_range(struct gl_context *ctx,
if (offset + length > bufObj->Size) {
_mesa_error(ctx, GL_INVALID_VALUE,
"%s(offset %td + length %td > buffer_size %td)", func,
offset, length, bufObj->Size);
"%s(offset %lu + length %lu > buffer_size %lu)", func,
(unsigned long) offset, (unsigned long) length,
(unsigned long) bufObj->Size);
return NULL;
......@@ -3749,8 +3750,9 @@ _mesa_BindBufferRange(GLenum target, GLuint index,
struct gl_buffer_object *bufObj;
_mesa_debug(ctx, "glBindBufferRange(%s, %u, %u, %ld, %ld)\n",
_mesa_enum_to_string(target), index, buffer, offset, size);
_mesa_debug(ctx, "glBindBufferRange(%s, %u, %u, %lu, %lu)\n",
_mesa_enum_to_string(target), index, buffer,
(unsigned long) offset, (unsigned long) size);
if (buffer == 0) {
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