Commit 9a2a4ecb authored by Tim Rowley's avatar Tim Rowley

swr: [rasterizer jitter] implement InstanceID/VertexID in fetch jit

Reviewed-by: Bruce Cherniak's avatarBruce Cherniak <>
parent 7fc4a820
......@@ -97,13 +97,20 @@ struct FETCH_COMPILE_STATE
SWR_FORMAT indexType;
uint32_t cutIndex{ 0xffffffff };
bool InstanceIdEnable;
uint32_t InstanceIdElementOffset;
uint32_t InstanceIdComponentNumber;
bool VertexIdEnable;
uint32_t VertexIdElementOffset;
uint32_t VertexIdComponentNumber;
// Options that effect the JIT'd code
bool bDisableVGATHER; // if enabled, FetchJit will generate loads/shuffles instead of VGATHERs
bool bDisableIndexOOBCheck; // if enabled, FetchJit will exclude index OOB check
bool bEnableCutIndex{ false }; // compares indices with the cut index and returns a cut mask
FETCH_COMPILE_STATE(bool useVGATHER = false, bool indexOOBCheck = false) :
bDisableVGATHER(useVGATHER), bDisableIndexOOBCheck(indexOOBCheck){};
FETCH_COMPILE_STATE(bool disableVGATHER = false, bool diableIndexOOBCheck = false):
bDisableVGATHER(disableVGATHER), bDisableIndexOOBCheck(diableIndexOOBCheck){ };
bool operator==(const FETCH_COMPILE_STATE &other) const
......@@ -114,6 +121,19 @@ struct FETCH_COMPILE_STATE
if (bEnableCutIndex != other.bEnableCutIndex) return false;
if (cutIndex != other.cutIndex) return false;
if (InstanceIdEnable != other.InstanceIdEnable) return false;
if (InstanceIdEnable)
if (InstanceIdComponentNumber != other.InstanceIdComponentNumber) return false;
if (InstanceIdElementOffset != other.InstanceIdElementOffset) return false;
if (VertexIdEnable != other.VertexIdEnable) return false;
if (VertexIdEnable)
if (VertexIdComponentNumber != other.VertexIdComponentNumber) return false;
if (VertexIdElementOffset != other.VertexIdElementOffset) return false;
for(uint32_t i = 0; i < numAttribs; ++i)
if((layout[i].bits != other.layout[i].bits) ||
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