Commit 86981943 authored by Thomas Andersen's avatar Thomas Andersen Committed by Eduardo Lima Mitev

nir: fix assert for wildcard pairs

The assert was null checking dest_arr_parent twice. The intention
seems to be to check both dest_ and src_.

Added in d3636da9Reviewed-by: Eduardo Lima Mitev's avatarEduardo Lima Mitev <>
parent be5010c4
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ emit_copy_load_store(nir_intrinsic_instr *copy_instr,
if (src_arr_parent || dest_arr_parent) {
/* Wildcards had better come in matched pairs */
assert(dest_arr_parent && dest_arr_parent);
assert(src_arr_parent && dest_arr_parent);
nir_deref_array *src_arr = nir_deref_as_array(src_arr_parent->child);
nir_deref_array *dest_arr = nir_deref_as_array(dest_arr_parent->child);
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