Commit 37fc2d35 authored by Erik Faye-Lund's avatar Erik Faye-Lund
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microsoft/compiler: do not mark sysvalues as shader-inputs

The variable here gets added to the nir_shader::system_values list
rather than the nir_shader::inputs list, so it should have the
nir_var_system_value variable mode instead of nir_var_shader_in.

Not doing this will have horrible consequences when rebasing on
upstream, because all of these variables will be stored in the same list
there. This means the variable-mode is the only detail left to let us
know what this is.
parent a026aae7
......@@ -4238,7 +4238,7 @@ add_sysvalue(struct ntd_context *ctx, nir_shader *s,
var->data.location = value;
var->type = glsl_uint_type();
var->name = name;
var->data.mode = nir_var_shader_in;
var->data.mode = nir_var_system_value;
var->data.interpolation = INTERP_MODE_FLAT;
return var;
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