Commit 33a95095 authored by Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne's avatar Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne Committed by Erik Faye-Lund
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microsoft/compiler: Lower indirect dereferences to phi nodes

parent 7100a06a
......@@ -4162,6 +4162,7 @@ optimize_nir(struct nir_shader *s, const struct nir_to_dxil_options *opts)
do {
progress = false;
NIR_PASS_V(s, nir_lower_vars_to_ssa);
NIR_PASS(progress, s, nir_lower_indirect_derefs, nir_var_function_temp);
NIR_PASS(progress, s, nir_lower_alu_to_scalar, NULL, NULL);
NIR_PASS(progress, s, nir_copy_prop);
NIR_PASS(progress, s, nir_lower_bit_size, lower_bit_size_callback, (void*)opts);
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